The Zerodha Universe

As I mentioned in my article ‘How did I automate my finance activities?’, I use Zerodha for almost all my investment needs. I have been wanting to write about this platform. I’ve been fascinated by this company and how quickly they’ve grown and added these features over time. Most important of all, almost all of them are either free or very affordable. Interestingly enough, they don’t advertise. It is word of mouth (and published word, such as this) that enabled them to grow to what they are today. …

I need to get started now. Milestones are important.

It has been a while since I wrote something that I was unconditionally proud of. Aside from a brief period in 2013, where I started a blog after completing college and during my first job ever, I think the last time I wrote something noticeable was before 2007. During my school time.

I have mixed memories from back then. I’ll, however, only focus on what’s relevant. I had this unnatural consistency in my performance of the English test. I used to always score at 80%. Not more. Not less. No matter…

Nishant Gupta

Data Scientist | Creator |

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